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Squiffy's Journal: I attempt to make money via the Internet in Hungary.
Background image: Budapest as seen from the Gellért Hill by Christian Mehlführer.

Making Videos for a Living
I thought I’d just post a quick update to my “journal”. More than a year ago now, I started making YouTube videos about computer programming to try to sell 1-to-1 Skype lessons. Then about six months … More

mountain-stream-in-forest_960x540 Realising Your Dreams: It’s Easier Than You Think
First let me say that there are two kinds of dreams; impossible dreams and possible ones. Usually the impossible dreams are only impossible because of the way you frame them. For example, you say that you … More

headscratcher How to Sell Stuff on the Internet
This website has become a random ragbag of my various experiments. So now I think I may as well just use it as a place where I can write down stuff I want to get off … More

Teaching Online Deciding What to Teach: Make a Living Teaching Online, Part 1
A tutorial on how to make a living teaching online. In this first part we'll look at how to decide what to teach. More

Fascinating Experiments Podcast 1: Introducing the Fascinating Experiments Podcast
Welcome to the very first Fascinating Experiments podcast! This podcast is all about changing your life. In the Fascinating Experiments podcast I'll be giving you some practical ideas about how you can radically alter your life ... if you want to. In this episode we'll discuss the kind of stuff that's going to be in future podcasts, and I'll tell you about some of the crazy things I've done over the years to try to escape from my accidental unwanted office-based career before I finally succeeded. More

I’ve become a bit lax about posting to this site. What’s even worse is, when I look at the front page, it’s become entirely about my random endeavours in Budapest, instead of being about more generally … More

Experimental Travel Site This is just a quick post to announce my new blog, Fascinating Journeys. It uses cheap hosting from AccuWebHosting (as does this site), along with the free WordPress content manager, and a paid-for premium theme called … More
  Making Money Via Blogging, Attempt No. 3

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Teaching English II

Teaching English in Budapest

Stomach Ulcers: Do Natural Remedies Work?

The Forests of Budapest

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