Fascinating Experiments was created in 2011 by “Squiffy” (actually my real name) in order to learn more about SEO, blogging, web design and programming. I’m a software developer by profession, and Hammer-horror-style scientist by inclination. This website, among other things, documents my attempts to escape from the world of office jobs into the age-old profession of freelance ‘mad’ scientist.

By ‘mad’ scientist, I mean of course not someone who is literally insane, and not someone who messes about with Tesla coils and rockets for the hell of it, and not a flake who promotes dubious perpetual motion machines and healing energies, but rather someone who pursues scientific goals that seem important to himself via his own methods and without regard for the beliefs and modes of operation of the scientific establishment. Einstein, Newton, Descartes and Darwin would all arguably fit into this category.

The name “Fascinating Experiments” comes from the out-of-print 1978 children’s book by Francois Cherrier: 50 Fascinating Experiments in Chemistry. If you have children and you want them to be interested in science, buy them this book. It’s a work of genius. But in the event that they burn down your house trying to make the inspiring “volcanic landscape with real volcanoes” that forms the centerpiece of this book, it’s not my fault OK?

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