Scientist Says Chamomile Tea More Harmful Than Crack Cocaine

Posted by – February 18, 2011

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Chamomile tea may be more harmful than crack cocaine under certain circumstances. That’s the conclusion of a report released today by the UK’s prestigious Fichter Intitute.

The report is co-authored by Dr. Richard Fruit, head of the Institute. In an interview with Get Real earlier today, Dr. Fruit stated: “Although chamomile tea is widely seen as a harmless bit of fun, in fact our studies show that it may cause more harm to individuals than crack cocaine or crystal meth.”

Harmfulness of Common Street Drugs

Members of the group carefully observed volunteer subjects while under the influence of each drug and combined the results with research into the effects of the drug on society as a whole.

“dangerous and pernicious”

“While chamomile tea causes relatively little harm to society,” said Dr. Fruit, “during our study, my colleague Dr. Parkinson repeatedly threw boiling hot chamomile tea over our test subjects, causing them substantial damage. One man had to be hospitalized and another was declared dead after Dr. Parkinson threw him out of a window while he was quietly sleeping after ingesting the tea. There’s no doubt that this dangerous and pernicious substance would be illegal if we were to adopt a harms-based approach to drugs in the UK.”

Dr. Gary Parkinson was unavailable for comment, due to being high on a combination of crack and LSD as part of a separate study.

Chris Sherridan, head of the Chamomile Tea Trade Association, said chamomile tea abuse affected “a minority of hardened users” who needed “urgently throwing into prison and leaving there indefinitely”.

He added that millions of ordinary people enjoy chamomile tea as a “harmless and soothing” way of coming down from crack cocaine and crystal meth trips.

The drug, which is currently legal under UK law, is also sometimes used as a sleeping aid.

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1 Comment on Scientist Says Chamomile Tea More Harmful Than Crack Cocaine

  1. Ryan Hunter says:

    This is quite disturbing.

    More people should be aware of how this is affecting ‘Murica and our childs!
    I gave my toddler some camomile tea in her milk today to make her stop her whining. I might have to do it less knowing how much damage it does.

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