Is Cola A Cancer Risk?

Posted by – February 17, 2011

The UK’s The Daily Mail (a slightly right-wing newspaper that some say delights in scaring people) today published an article arguing that the brown coloring used in Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola and various other drinks is a cancer risk.

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It seems that what the cola guys call “caramel” isn’t quite what you or I would call caramel. You or I might make caramel by gently browning sugar in a saucepan; these fellas make it by “reacting sugar with ammonia or sulphites under high pressure”.


While this kind of “caramel” is apparently a potential cancer risk, I’d like to argue that it’s the caffeine in coke that we should really be worried about. Millions of children all over the world are daily consuming drinks containing as much caffeine as tea or coffee, potentially ruining their sleep and hence their concentration. Many of the same children are then fed further stimulating drugs (as discussed in my article on psychosis) in an effort to get them to concentrate.

Does this really make sense? While I myself enjoy cola in moderation, young children should not be exposed to caffeine. And on top of this, now we hear that cola is a potential cancer risk!

To those who argue that “everything” these days causes cancer: well, everything doesn’t! Some things do. Hmmm, I can feel a new blog post coming on …

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