Making Money From Your Blog: How To Get Visitors Quickly

Posted by – February 28, 2011

In case you’re in a hurry: here’s the bottom line right at the start of this article, before we go on to look at some related stuff. If you’ve started a blog recently and you want to get visitors in a hurry, here’s how. Write good quality posts with attention-grabbing titles, then submit your posts to the main social bookmarking services.

The biggest ones right now are probably:


About four times as many people as this visited my blog in its first month. You can get as many yourself -- or maybe many more -- by following some simple tips.

These are basically sites where you can bookmark an article in such a way that other people can find and enjoy your bookmarks. Hence the term social bookmarking for these kinds of sites.

I started this blog just one month ago as a very part-time effort; search engines have only just begun to get me a few visitors, yet overall I’ve so far had over 400 visitors in my first month.

(So thanks for visiting my blog — your interest means a lot to me!)

Whenever I write a new post, I bookmark my own post on all four of these sites. Most articles attract only a few visitors on the first day; others attract dozens right away. What’s the difference between the posts that people don’t visit immediately and the ones they do?

I think the main factor is a catchy title; one that appeals to some group of people for some reason.

To take an example, my articles Five Surprising Facts About Gunpowder and Freaky Houseplants: The Top Ten Alternative Plants to Grow In Your Home both attracted dozens of visitors instantly, even though my blog was (and still is!) basically unknown and hard to find through search engines.

How To Submit Your Posts Quickly To Social Bookmarking Sites


Your new blog without social bookmarking.

If you check below this post, you’ll see a bunch of icons that allow people to quickly and easily submit this article to these sites.

When you click on the relevant icon, you can bookmark this article through the service of your choice. To do so you must create a free account with one of these services; after that bookmarking the article is hardly any more work than clicking the icon.

A great advantage of these icons is that you can then easily bookmark your own articles, giving you some instant free advertising.

If you use some kind of free blogging software such as WordPress — which if you’ve got a blog, whether on or your own site, you almost certainly do — you can add icons like these to your posts automatically by using free widget plugins. See your blogging platform help for details.

The Importance of Content


Your new blog with social bookmarking.

If you’re writing a blog regularly, I hope you’re doing it out of passion and not simply because you want to make money. Or — if you do simply want to make money, hopefully you will at least take the time to do some research, put some effort into your articles and provide people with something they want. Because otherwise — social bookmarking won’t ultimately help you. People will visit your blog and then leave immediately and not come back without good content.

Can You Make Money From Blogging?

If you can get enough traffic, you can reputedly make good money from blogging. It’s hard work and it takes a long time, hence the importance of blogging on subjects you’re passionate about or at least genuinely interested in. Making money from blogging is all about attracting visitors to your blog and then offering them paid services or products — known as monetising your blog.

There are various ways you can do this, which I’ll doubtless be covering in a future post. Meanwhile you might want to check out useful tools such as CJ, Google Adsense, Google Analytics and Amazon Affliates.

I’ll shortly be trying the interesting experiment of attempting to make a living through the Internet and blogging about it for your entertainment — unless of course something goes horribly wrong in my life meanwhile. I’ll be ditching my lucrative well-paid job and moving to a cheap former Eastern-bloc country, Hungary, and attempting to make a living via such things as this blog, my other, even newer blog, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Elance and whatever else comes to mind.

If you want to find out what happens to me and discover a new way to promote your own blog or site for free … the social bookmarking icons are right below this article … your interest is much appreciated!

– Squiffy

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  1. Chiquita says:

    Book marked, I love your blog! :)

  2. David Barber says:

    Thanks for the insight. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your site for more pointers!

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