Squiffy’s Making-Money-Online Hungarian Adventure

Posted by – March 8, 2011


Shortly I’m about to embark upon the adventure of moving to Budapest, Hungary and attempting to make a living online in one way or another. I’ll be documenting the whole thing right here.

At the moment I’m still a wage slave, but I feel it’s time to start my journal of success — or doom and horror as the case may be.

Although I’m an experienced web developer, I’ll be attempting to make money in whatever ways spring to mind, within reason. Today I registered a new url, www.caveofprogramming.com, where I intend to attempt to sell my programming, programming tuition and website-building services. I also contacted an agency that rents out flats in Budapest. Fortunately they speak English, although apparently not very good English. Still, their English is a heck of a lot better than my Hungarian, which is still in its primitive embryonic stage.

Why Hungary? Why Budapest?

I’ve chosen Budapest to move to because, while it’s a big city with lots of bright lights and attractions, it’s also very cheap. Flats can be rented there for as little as 140 euros (around 140 dollars, very roughly) per month. Mind you, those flats would be in the hideous and unsafe VIII district. So I’ll be looking to fork out up to 500 euros per month, including all bills, for somewhere a bit nicer.

My savings might just about stretch to a year if I’m really careful, but then I’d be flat out of cash. Can I get a business going online that will cover food and rent before my money runs out? I’m not sure, but I’m prepared to give it a go. It’s the only way to escape the terrible fate of spending the rest of my life in an office.

– Squiffy

PS. If you’re into computer programming, check out my new site: The Cave of Programming. I may well be relying on this sucker for a good portion of my future income … scary thought.

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