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Posted by – March 12, 2011


[Update: if you are looking for links to Budapest rental agencies, please look at this article. Here you can find two agencies that showed me some really great apartments in Budapest, one of which I've now rented. If you are looking for something very cheap or short-term, Budarpads is also worth checking out.]

This week I’ve been making appointments to see flats in the beautiful but cheap city of Budapest. I’m flying out in a couple of weeks to take a look at them. All the people I’ve been dealing with via email speak English, and most of the flats have Internet. Just as well, because the Internet is how I’m hoping to make a living.

I’ll reserve judgement on the best sites/people for finding flats in Budapest until I’ve actually got a flat; then I’ll come back and update this article if I remember. Two sites I’ve been using to make appointments for viewing are BudapestRent and Expatriates (Hungary).

So far everything’s going according to plan. It’s really starting to seem real now. I’m really going to live in Budapest, and in only about six weeks. Assuming I find a flat on my flat-hunting expedition, when I get back I’m going to give my one month’s notice in my job. I’m still trying to decide whether to tell my boss the truth (“I’d rather eat my own leg than work here any longer”) or just say the usual kind of thing when he inevitably asks if I’ve enjoyed myself there (“oh yes, certainly”). Since my boss is a decent fellow, I think I’ll bite my tongue and give the usual response …. don’t want to hurt his feelings! And after all, if I did nurture a fanatical interest in the more tedious aspects of computing, I’m sure I would have enjoyed the work tremendously. But I don’t.

Should I be writing this on a public blog? Oh whatever the hell, I’m leaving soon anyway.

I’ve also decided to explore sites like Script Lance and Rent-a-Coder when I’m in Hungary. Both sites are geared rather to computer programming, but Script Lance also has article-writing work by the looks of it.

It’s going to take me some time to get into the swing of making money online. Ideally, I eventually want to find ways of making money so that I have lots of spare time but can still cover my bills. I’d like to do some research into imaging technology — specifically, I’m interested in new ways of imaging living cells to a finer resolution than is currently possible, using radio waves and magnetic fields.

Ordinarily radio waves would be useless for this kind of thing. Their ‘wavelength’ is too long, meaning that they can’t be used to produce sharp images. But a recent news article seems to imply that scientists have been able to find a way of imaging objects using visible light that are much smaller than the wavelength of visible light itself.

Even if my research project idea comes to nothing, it’d be interesting to hook some stuff up to a computer and try to image large objects with radio waves. The ground underneath the hills of Budapest is laced with caves, many doubtless waiting to be discovered. I wonder if it’s possible to use radio waves somehow to create images of the subterranean world …..

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