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A collection of articles ranging from the controversial to the bizarre, and back to the controversial again.

Here we cover everything from the shocking truth about money to raving holocaust deniers to the distinct possibility of an impending ice age. And other stuff.

The United States of Eurabia: Is Europe Set to Become an Islamic State?


Ten years ago a relative of mine moved to a small town in Northern England. My relative was looking for somewhere cheap to live, so he was willing to live on a street where prostitutes plied their trade outside his door and drug pushers sold drugs on the corner. But my relative hadn’t lived there long when a strange transformation began to take place. Muslims from Kashmir and Pakistan began to move in to the area, one family at a time …

Five Surprising Facts About Gunpowder


Gunpowder has been with us since at least the tenth century AD, but here are some surprising facts you may not know about this essential ingredient of warfare, fireworks and cigarettes.

Is Global Warming a Good Thing?

Photograph by: Kelly Speelman, National Science Foundation

Global Warming and Climate Change are on everyone’s lips these days. But are we in fact in the middle of a brief pause in a vicious ice age — an ice age which may soon return with a vengeance?

The Shocking Truth of How Money Is Created

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.com

Those who like sausages and justice should never watch either being made, so goes the old saying. Maybe it’s time to add money to that list. When you understand what I’m about to tell you, you’ll find yourself wondering how we will stop the banks from eventually owning everything. I’ve been wondering the same thing myself since I discovered the horrifying truth about money a few years ago.

Whatever Happened To David Irving?

National Stereotypes: Pizzas, Drugs, Telephone Boxes and Béla Lugosi

Consciousness. How Science Has It All Sorted Out … Not.

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