Due to, ahh, poor crop havests on Zeta Reticuli, we currently have nothing to sell.

Why not treat yourself to an online Hungarian lesson with my friend Orsi?

OR, I can teach you computer programming (for a price!)

Cave of Programming: Online Programming Lessons

4 Comments on Shop

  1. devon fowler says:

    your cute, if I were well, I would love to meet up and chat with you about Budapest…sigh.

    Not a come one, I’m just fascinated by so many people, my issue is being harmed by many bad medicines that took away my charm, intellect, and so much of my young adult life.

    take care!


  2. big lew says:

    this is well banging bladz boom booom ting yehhhhhh

  3. big lew says:

    ummmm weed

  4. big lew says:

    umm nipples

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