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The Hall of Spam: Weird and Wonderful Comments Left By People You’d Rather Not Hear From


For the past couple of months I’ve been working on two blogs in order to build up my understanding of SEO and blogging, as well as just for fun. You’re reading one of them right now. … More

SEO Basics: Using Google Analytics With WordPress to Track Your Website Stats

Google Analytics

If you’re trying to increase your blog or website’s search-engine traffic, you need to do two things. Firstly, apply SEO techniques to draw visitors to your blog. Secondly, use a good traffic analysis program to see … More

SEO Basics: Using Google Keyword Tool To Get Traffic For Your Blog or Website

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If you want to get search engine traffic to your blog or website, you need to write articles containing stuff that people are actually searching for. Fascinating Experiments presents a quick getting-started guide to using Google’s … More

A Provisional Plan for Procuring Filthy Lucre


I’ve been trying to decide how I’ll try to make money once I’m in Budapest. Recently I checked out Amazon Mechanical Turk briefly; selecting a task that I thought wouldn’t take long — transcription of a … More

Get Visitors to Your Blog or Website Using Blog Carnivals


A good way of getting a steady stream of visitors to your site that’s often overlooked is to use Blog Carnivals. While personal development blogger Steve Pavlina says that blog carnivals were instrumental in enabling him … More

Making Money From Your Blog: How To Get Visitors Quickly


In case you’re in a hurry: here’s the bottom line right at the start of this article, before we go on to look at some related stuff. If you’ve started a blog recently and you want … More