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The Forests of Budapest

Budapest Forest

It’s true that Budapest is full of traffic and traffic fumes, but on the other hand after only a short tram ride followed by a short walk, you can be totally alone in a beautiful forest. … More

Budapest: The Big Market, Travel Cards, Cafes and Shopping

Great Market Hall, Budapest

Since my last post I’ve acquired a monthly travel card in Budapest, meaning I now have a new hobby of tram surfing. Buying Travel Cards and Tickets in Budapest If you come to Budapest for a … More

Budapest: Internet, Margaret Island, Tesco and Other Things


It’s a week now since I moved to Budapest, and so far things have gone very well. I love it here! I’ve never liked anywhere so much in my life, in fact. When I first arrived … More

The Moonlight Sonata: Beethoven’s Psychedelic Danube Journey


The Moonlight Sonata, accompanied by a video making full use of selective saturation in an attempt to emulate the experience of drug-induced psychosis.   I’m about to leave the Netherlands for good, so naturally I felt … More

Budapest Apartments: Renting in Budapest

Matthias Church, Budapest

I spent last weekend searching for an apartment to rent in Budapest, so here are some notes that might help you if you’re planning to do the same. More

A Provisional Plan for Procuring Filthy Lucre


I’ve been trying to decide how I’ll try to make money once I’m in Budapest. Recently I checked out Amazon Mechanical Turk briefly; selecting a task that I thought wouldn’t take long — transcription of a … More

Finding Apartments In Budapest


[Update: if you are looking for links to Budapest rental agencies, please look at this article. Here you can find two agencies that showed me some really great apartments in Budapest, one of which I've now … More