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Ritalin vs Street Drugs: Is There Really Much Difference?


Perhaps as much as 10% of American children are currently taking Ritalin. They are taking Ritalin not because they have a physical medical problem, but because they can’t concentrate in schools or are too “hyper” at … More

Multiple Sclerosis: Could This Common Brain Disorder Be Caused By Mercury?

Skull and Crossbones

In the first half of the twentieth century, a strange illness attacked children seemingly at random, its cause unknown. The illness was known as acrodynia, or Pink Disease. Affected children developed pain in their hands and … More

The Three Top Preventable Cancer Risks

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Yesterday I posted an article about the news reported recently that the colorings in cola may pose a cancer risk. One of the comments on the original newspaper article suggested that “everything” causes cancer according to … More

Is Cola A Cancer Risk?

The UK’s The Daily Mail (a slightly right-wing newspaper that some say delights in scaring people) today published an article arguing that the brown coloring used in Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola and various other drinks is a … More

Psychosis: Little Understood But Out To Get You

In 1991, British sports presenter and celebrity David Icke appeared on a popular TV chat show dressed from head to foot in turquoise and claimed to be the son of God. It emerged that Icke now … More

Antidepressants: The Multi-Billion Dollar Scam

It’s the dirty little secret at the heart of a multi-billion dollar industry: double-blind trials, considered the gold standard of medical research, have repeatedly shown that antidepressant drugs barely work at all, with some studies even … More

Brain Parasites: There’s a 1 in 6 Chance That You’re Infected

I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you. There’s a good chance that your brain is infested with parasites, reducing your intelligence, messing up your eyesight and putting you at a considerably greater … More

Tackle Sugar Addiction and Gain Control of Your Appetite

In this article: three tips to enable you to beat sugar addiction, the world’s most intensely sweet sugar-free natural drink, and Squiffy’s delicious fruit salad recipes Is sugar addictive? For many people, the answer is certainly … More

Lose Weight: How to Fit Cardiovascular Exercise Into Your Life

So you’re convinced of the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. Maybe you’ve read my article on the miraculous effects of ‘cardio’. But you can’t figure out how to best fit cardiovascular exercise into your life. Read on! … More