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I’ve become a bit lax about posting to this site. What’s even worse is, when I look at the front page, it’s become entirely about my random endeavours in Budapest, instead of being about more generally … More

SEO Basics: Using Google Analytics With WordPress to Track Your Website Stats

Google Analytics

If you’re trying to increase your blog or website’s search-engine traffic, you need to do two things. Firstly, apply SEO techniques to draw visitors to your blog. Secondly, use a good traffic analysis program to see … More

Get Visitors to Your Blog or Website Using Blog Carnivals


A good way of getting a steady stream of visitors to your site that’s often overlooked is to use Blog Carnivals. While personal development blogger Steve Pavlina says that blog carnivals were instrumental in enabling him … More

Finally, a Straightforward Way of Making Money at Home?

The Mechanical Turk (source: Wikipedia)

The problem with offices is that they suck; therefore for some time now I’ve been searching for a way to make money online, at home. I imagine that then I can finally be freed from the … More